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Count yourself lucky as you make this 1875 sq feet property yours! Nestled in the perfect spot of Leawood Road in Taney County, Missouri. This area is suited for family or personal comfort, located in a convenient spot on the dashboard and surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature.  With the overlooking view of Rockaway Beach just 6 minutes away, and the pristine Lake Taneycomo shores just 1 mile away you’ll surely have a delightful day everyday! This and a lot more to discover in the place!

This place includes some of the most beautiful places on earth, providing the perfect opportunities for people who love sunbathing, backpacking, swimming, and stunning sites for nature lovers. From family enjoyment, national history and beyond. Taney County is Fun for the Whole Family! Endless incredible experiences to enjoy and memories to make!

This property is available for a lucky one, would it be you? Call us now and let’s close the deal before you miss it!


Owner-Financed Value

$991 Cash Price (Discounted)

$89 month until paid

$89 Down + $59 Document Fee = $148 to lock it up and start the process

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Payment Note(s)

If you are ready to reserve this parcel, press the “Reserve Now” button. You will go to our payment processing page to make the $89 down payment and the $59 Document Processing Fee for a total of $148.  We have more info on how to do this at the end of this page.

Property Information

Parcel Size
1875 sq feet 



Nearest Cities
Ozark, MO, Nixa, MO, and Republic, MO

County Parcel Number

Street Address (may be approximate for never-built-on land)
Leawood Rd

Center Point GPS (copy / paste this into Google Maps, choose “Directions”)
36.720162, -93.146047



Dirt Road

In the vicinity

36.720162, -93.146047
Map Coordinates

More Information, Fees

Down Payment

Document Processing Fee

Annual Property Taxes

Subdivision does not have a formal, active POA.

A doc fee of $59 in addition to the down payment is required to begin the purchase process. This is a non-refundable fee.

The County always gets theirs–once a year the property tax amount is due via invoice, or you can request the amount be prorated over 12 months and added to the monthly payment. Subject to change.

This property is part of a Subdivision but does not have a formal, active POA.

There is also no maintenance of any kind required.

How to Buy this Land

Click the “Reserve Now” button above. You can then “Check Out” and pay the Document Fee and Down Payment.

If you want additional name(s) on the paperwork (spouse, partner, sibling, etc) you will be able to add them. Please note that anyone you add must also be able to sign the paperwork.

​Then, the same day, (or the next business day at the latest), you will receive your paperwork via email from (a combination word processor and electronic signature app). You will be able to electronically sign the contract on your phone or computer, and after it is finalized, you will receive a copy via email to print and keep for your records.

Then, once a month you will receive an email invoice for your monthly payment. You can pay online directly using ACH from a checking account, or elect to pay via credit or debit card (small convenience fee applies). You can also sign up for our convenient monthly auto-debit. If absolutely necessary, you also have the option to send a check or money order by mail.

​If you wish to make an online cash purchase, please contact me at least 48 hours prior to completing payment.

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163 Leawood Rd
Forsyth, MO 65653
Lot Size:
1875 sq feet
For Sale
Property Type:
MLS #:

Call 7138971274 for more details

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